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"The ETM crew are very efficient, dedicated, kind, courteous, and friendly. They put their hearts into their work of helping their client organize and clear clutter. They do a great job of talking with the client to determine needs & wants and then help the client to realize those goals with the hard work of re-organization. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering the monumental task of re-organization, be it a closet or (as in my case) an entire household."

Laurie W.

Arcata, California




"We really really appreciate your coming today and being a part of the team. In all this eco-talk, isn't it amazing that there is not so much talk about designing around de-cluttering, ordering, and organizing. I am so glad you are introducing that to everybody- and first to us! You are how we were able to get to the point of being able to think green in other ways. We are so happy for your shepherding us through this process."

Thank you!

Bruce P.

Arlington, VA



“WOW, is the first word that comes to mind! We could not have asked for -- or even imagined -- a better experience than what you so seamlessly delivered. Your team put in countless hours. As if that were not enough, you provided moral support to my entire family. You made this mission possible in every way – physically and emotionally. I could always find one of you by my mom’s side.

Your crew has made a profound difference for our family and specifically Mom and Dad. As a result of your generous efforts, they will now live in a healthy, organized, safe and clutter-free home; a home in which they will breathe easier, both figuratively and literally."

Warm Regards, Hugs and High-fives!

Steve Dorfman

Gaithersburg, MD



"Thank you again! There is just something about you being there that helps years of stagnation of clutter begin to start moving and the house starts feeling hopeful and positive again. We have some really amazing news too. After 7 years of being open to kids, I have finally gotten pregnant. Thank you so much for all your help, it has really been life changing. We now have the space for this wonderful new person!

Kirstin P.

Arlington, VA



The ETM team is so much more than a "hand-holding Martha Stewart". They took a tiny kitchen that I had been disfunctioning in for 13 years and turned it into a streamlined cooking machine that I love to be in! Wow! What I really loved was that they did not incorporate a "one-size fits all formula", but worked with my double right-sided brain to create a flow that I still use 3 months after they left! Thank you, ETM, for your unique approach and your wonderful solutions! If you can take me on, you can help ANYBODY!

Lia S.

Trophy Club, TX



This is from ETM, the miracle-workers who were responsible for the reorganization of my entire home following the months of renovation. It is almost a year later now and my house is still organized (most of the time). I cannot rave about their team enough to adequately describe their professionalism as they worked with me from a heart-centered space. In other words, they handled my concerns about releasing my past with compassionate strength. (I was a true pack-rat).

Debby H.

Bedford, TX



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