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From de-cluttering the space you’re leaving to measuring and designing storage solutions for your new space, we can do it all.


Relocation services for home and office moves include scheduling, complete coordination of all aspects of the move (packing, the move itself and unpacking) and the custom designed organization plan that will be utilized pre- and post-move.


Other available services include eliminating unwanted items, space planning, electronics and wiring, notifying utilities, as well as updating all billing, subscriptions, and mailing addresses. With a team of experts behind you, your move can be effortless and stress-free.



What Else Do We Do?

  We de-clutter your home or office prior to move

  Prepare organized packing

  Assist with locating a moving company and coordinating the move

  Packing of specialized items

  Measure, design, purchase and install organizational supplies (including bins, hooks, shelf & drawer liner, drawer

    organizers, etc.)

  Unpack and properly discard (and recycle) all packing materials and boxes

  Assist with the organization of your new space



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