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Frequently Asked Questions



What is "Professional Organizing"?

Professional organizers help businesses and individuals take control of their time and space, reduce stress, and increase productivity. They do this by providing organizing skills, coaching, designing and implementing customized comprehensive organizational systems.


What is Green Organizing?

Green Organizing is an environmentally-friendly approach to professional organizing emphasizing the principles of "reduce, re-use, recycle".


What Type Of Organizing Do You Specialize In?

ECO specializes is many different areas. We have vast experience with all levels of organizing needs - from a simple closet to entire households, ECO can provide you with excellent, experienced, compassionate assistance. ECO also specializes in working with elderly clients and those with accessibility needs. ECO is uniquely qualified to work with clients who are chronically/compulsively disorganized and “hoarders”.


I'm So Embarrassed About My Mess!

ECO has an experienced staff that has worked in many, many varied situations. Please be assured that you are not alone! Our first and foremost goal is to help you to feel comfortable in your space. We provide complete confidentiality and non-judgmental guidance so that you will be able to relax and enjoy your space.


I’m worried about my privacy.

ECO takes our client’s privacy very seriously. Your privacy is something we fiercely protect. All items and discussions are treated with great discretion and appropriate safeguards.


How Do You Decide What I Need To Have Done?

Our initial consultation consists of coming to your home to see the space(s) you would like to get organized. We LISTEN to you as you describe your goals and vision for the space. We talk with you about what is working, what is not working, and what is causing frustration. We then jointly decide on a plan to help you reach your goals.



Do I need to be there for an organizing session?

We like for our services to be something we do FOR you not TO you. Therefore, it is important to have you participate in the process. There will be times throughout the project that your presence is required. Some tasks can be “staged” while you are out, and then completed with your input upon your return.

This will vary with the scope of each project.



What is your organizing process?

There are 3 basic stages in our organizing process:

  1. Sorting - We will gather all items and sort into like categories.

  2. Culling - We will then assist you in deciding whether to keep, donate, trash, sell, gift, relocate or recycle your items. ECO will guide you through this process based on the vision you have defined in our initial walkthrough.

  3. Organize - Lastly, we will design and implement a plan for the items that are staying in your space, working with your defined vision.



How Long Will It Take To Get Organized?

That depends on many factors including the size of the space, the amount of clutter to be cleared, the size of the team used and finally, the amount of time you have available to spend with the team. Also, your commitment to getting and staying organized will help determine the pace of the project.



Will You Make Me Throw Away Everything?

No. We will help you make decisions about what is important to you, what should be honored, saved, archived as well as what things no longer serve you. Our goal is to help you achieve your vision for your space.



What will happen to things I no longer want to keep?

ECO will donate items you have designated to your charity of choice. Should you have items you would like to sell, ECO can guide you to the appropriate resource. Items to be disposed of will be handled according to local regulations.



How Can I Maintain My Organized Space?

ETM offers a maintenance program through our Elite Professional Assistants division. Once we have completed your project, we can customize a maintenance program to fit your needs. Check us out at,



Are you available for speaking engagements or seminars?

Yes. We have experience speaking to both large and small groups. We offer many topics including “Green Organizing”, “Organizing the Family”, etc. Please give us a call if you are interested in having us come and speak to your group or seminar.


Do you have references?

Yes! Contact ECO directly for a list of references, or check out our testimonials page.


Can you help me with my move?

Yes! ETM offers relocation assistance through our Elite Custom Relocations division. Check us out at,


What If I Have A Friend Or Family Member Who Needs Help?

Encourage them to give us a call. Offer to come over and call with them. Purchase a gift certificate for them.

They must be on board (even just a little!) for us to be effective. Remember, organizing is not something you want to do TO someone, but FOR/WITH them. Once they have made the call, we’ll take it from there!


How do you charge?

We charge an hourly rate based on the project size, duration and number of team members needed.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, Visa, MC, AMEX or Discover. A payment schedule will be agreed upon with the client at the beginning of each project.



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