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About Elite Custom Relocations



Elite Custom Relocations is a division of Elite Time Management (ETM). Our experience ranges from coordinating and overseeing an actual move to organizing, design and item placement. We have the logistical experience to handle even the most challenging city or suburban move. We can make your moving experience stress-free and uncomplicated so you can be box-free and enjoying the comforts of your first night in your new home.


Organized Moving?

Relocating in general is stressful in and of itself. Being organized while doing is an even greater challenge. We offer customized, not “cookie cutter”, solutions. We implement proven techniques and practices to help your move be a smooth and efficient as possible.


Because each client’s needs are different, we design our services to best fit each situation. You can choose which services fit you best! Our expertise in de-cluttering, packing and organizing helps our clients to prepare to relocate from day one. Our customized services offer a full-range of choices to give you the ability to have an organized move!


Environmentally Conscious

If our clients wish us to, ECR can provide environmentally friendly packing materials and organizational designs for all stages of the moving process. Whether you are just learning about greening, are a hard-core activist or are somewhere in between, we can help you move and organize your home with an eco-friendly solution that is customized just for you. 


Special Needs

Have a unique moving need? ECR specializes in working with clients to ensure all of their special items are handled with the greatest of care, and all situations with professionalism, compassion, and discretion.



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